Term dates

Please remember that we do not authorise any holiday to be taken during term time. Attendance at school every day makes a difference to your child's learning and attainment, therefore please do not plan to take them out of school during term time.

Autumn Term 2020
Staff training days: Wednesday 2 September & Thursday 3 September
Back to school: Friday 4 September
Half term ends: Friday 23 October

Autumn Half Term

Back to school: Monday 2 November
Term ends: Friday 18 December

Christmas Holidays

Spring Term 2021
Staff training day: Monday 4 January
Back to school: Tuesday 5 January
Half term ends: Friday 12 February

Spring Half Term

Back to school: Monday 22 February
Term ends: Friday 26 March

Easter Holidays
Summer Term 2021
Back to school: Monday 12 April
May Day Bank Holiday – Monday 3 May
Half term ends: Friday 28 May

Summer Half Term

Back to school: Monday 7 June
Term ends: Monday 19 July
Staff training days: Tuesday 20 July
Summer Holiday